Media Rec: Severance

Wasn't sure what to call this style of entry, but it's mainly going to be for raving about pieces of media that I've recently enjoyed. Severance was initially suggested to me by my parents, and I was curious about the concept, but oh boy did it exceed my expectations!

The series revolves around the idea: what if we could embed a chip in our brains that meant we didn't have to remember work. So, a person arrives at work and as soon as they walk in the door, that part of the brain is switched off and replaced with a whole new personality that is still them but they in turn have no memories outside of work. This might seem like a great thing for the person on the outside (the 'outie'), but the price is paid by the 'innie' who, as far as they're aware, never leaves work. For them it's basically a never ending corporate dystopian nightmare, where they are forced to do monotonous work day in day out with no respite and no way of contacting the outside world.

The concept is dark and strange and the show and takes you in some weird directions, but it's also funny in its absurdity. I found myself really sympathising with the innie's struggles and as the show neared its climactic conclusion, I was cheering them on and desperately willing them to succeed.

Two days after finishing it and I am still thinking about it. What does it all mean? And how will I cope waiting up to a year for the release of series two (which is still in pre-production) before finding out what happens next? I guess it's a sign of a great show if a viewer can be left that desperate for the next part.

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