An Interesting Week (with Some Medical News)

Things have been a bit busier than usual this last week, which is why I haven't checked in for a few days. I'm sick, which is just great. Not in the really bad way but just enough to make my everyday activities that little bit worse, and then I find myself wishing it could just be ill enough to stay in bed and not have to worry about work.

I went for an ultrasound yesterday to check the state of my kidney and bladder. The good news is that there was nothing visibly wrong. Everything is fine (no blockages) and although it doesn't get any closer to explaining why I'm still in pain 14 weeks after my operation, it does ease my mind a bit.

On a brighter note, this week has generally been quite interesting. At the weekend, I joined a really cool fandom event for the TV series, The Terror. It was a series of presentations by fans discussing interesting analyses of the show and the history relating to it, followed by a Q&A with a few panellists who were involved with the show (including two cast members). I only caught a few presentations, but I'm planning to watch the recordings this weekend.

Additionally, Phasmophobia (that game I'm totally obsessed with) released a massive update on Tuesday including some brand-new locations. I didn't know it was possible for this creepy ghost hunting game to be any scarier, but the new asylum is a whole new level of terrifying. Not that I'm put off in the least!

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