November Update

It's been a while since I checked in here, so I thought I'd provide an update of sorts. Not that there's that much to speak of. I'm getting by day to day. I've had trouble with motivating myself to work on my site recently. I feel tired a lot of the time at the moment. This time of year is never easy either. I always convince myself that I like winter, and I do, but I don't enjoy the darkness. The temperature has dropped significantly recently, so it's difficult to get warm and I'm too worried about energy usage to suggest we have the heating up higher in the house.

The one positive is that Christmas is around the corner. I've always enjoyed Christmas more than any other holiday, not for any of the religious stuff, but because it's a chance to be with family and give gifts. It's also going to be a time to rest, recharge and consider my next step in life. I've managed to get my boss to agree to give me a few days off in the lead up to the 25th, so I'll get plenty of time to do that.

I'm thinking about quitting my job in the new year and possibly going back into education. It's something I told myself I'd never do, but it's beginning to seem more and more appealing and might mean I can actually get a decent job in heritage, a field I'm genuinely passionate about. It's exciting to think about, if a little scary, but I'm feeling more and more that it could be the best thing for me. I don't have to commit to anything just yet, so for now I'll see how things go.

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