March Update

I'm a little bit late with my update this month. It's been a pretty crazy month to be quite honest, so this is a slightly longer entry than usual.

I'll start with the good news. First off, I've got a new job (yay!). It's at a nearby prominent heritage site, which is a really big deal for me and has pretty much been my main goal since graduating from Uni in 2021. I'm so beyond excited and can't wait to start next month. Plus, I'm finally leaving my current job which is uh...worse than ever, to be quite honest. I won't go into it too much but let’s just say that place is a sinking ship and I can't be out of there soon enough. They're not even planning on hiring a replacement for me. They're just expecting everyone else to work harder and pick up the slack - like what? well as preparing for the new job, I'm also currently looking into renting nearby, as it's quite a way to commute, although nothing's been decided yet. Still, it feels like I'm finally taking those first steps towards proper independence, something I couldn't even have dreamed of a year ago when I was still struggling through the worst of my illness. I've even begun getting the ball rolling with applying for a disability benefit which, if I get it, will help a lot. There is a light at the end of the tunnel after all.

As far as my plans for returning to education go, it's still on the cards but will most likely be next year once I've got a bit more work experience under my belt. Fingers crossed that this job will open a few more doors for me. It's in the middle of a city, which will help too as there's going to be a lot more opportunities compared to where I am at the moment out in the middle of nowhere.

In other news, it was my birthday last week. I'm not sure how I feel about being 28 yet (it's a little too close to 30 for my comfort), but it was a really nice day. I had intended to visit a museum, but on learning they're all closed on Mondays, I visited the local Aquarium instead. I had a nice lunch with my parents and spent the afternoon and evening at home gaming and watching a film.

Perhaps the wackiest incident of the month (and maybe even my life) was a totally bizarre accident involving the cats' liquid de-flea treatment and my open eyes. "How do you get your cat's flea treatment in your eyes, Lou?" you may be asking, and I can't answer that because I don't quite understand myself. But I need it to be stated on record that I was not the one administering it. I was only holding the cat. The good news is that, despite how scary the incident was, my vision's fine, although I do have burns on both eyes. I'm appreciating the funny side of it though.

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